Hopefully you’ve had time to peruse our fantastic Glossary section, written by the esteemed Godfather of hitbyatrain.com, Captain Frank Early. It’s a treasure trove of Old 97’s trivia and interesting lyric commentary. However, it’s in dire need of an update, as we’re several albums behind in adding new tasty tidbits.

Glossary image

So we’re going to open the Glossary up for submissions for the first time ever. It’s a wide open, blank slate. Anything band-related, from origins of song lyrics to historical facts to statistics of questionable value. If you know something about the Old 97’s that you think others might like to know, write it up and send it in.

Submissions should be made via the site’s contact page. Just include your complete write-up, name and email address. A panel of experts will review every submission, the best ones will be added to the glossary, and the writers will be handsomely rewarded in some yet-to-be-determined most-likely-to-involve-autographed-merch way.

And I will personally award my favorite submission with one of my own bottles of the super rare, eminently collectible Old 97’s beer.

Photo by H. Michael Karshis (via Flickr)

Good luck!