One Epic Ending

October 29, 2012

Hey All!

Stephanie and I had the great pleasure to attend the Old 97’s TFTC show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC last Friday. It was Off. The. Charts! Crazy, full-throttle energy splayed out in front of a fully committed audience. They were having fun, y’all.

I don’t usually record Time Bomb at the shows because, frankly I just want to get swept up in the fervor, sing and dance with wild abandon. I can’t stand still enough to hold a camera steady. And Dude, forget about keeping quiet. Impossible.

But last Friday when Rhett almost knocked the mic over on the first lyric, the voice in my head screamed at me to grab my iPhone because something great was about to happen.

And it did.


THAT is how you end a concert, my friend! Stumble, tumble and just keep on playing. That’s Rock ‘n Roll, BABY! I love this moment so much.

Again I ask, is it any wonder why we love these men?


  1. At least Ken didn’t kick a beer in your face or have wine doused all over you by Maria! (Brooklyn!)

  2. 9:30 club – great venue! No wonder here!!

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