Hi y’all!

The 97’s finished up recording the tracks for their upcoming new album a couple of weeks ago, and this week Rhett gives the Rolling Stone a little insight into the nature of this new effort.

As Rhett tells it, he arrived in Texas armed with two distinctly different sets of songs, one adult-themed with “a lot of cursing, a lot of drinking and lots of sex”, the other filled with prettier songs. After some deliberation, he reveals the band chose the raunchier, adult numbers and cranked the amps up to eleven. Sprinkle in a little guitar fire from The Replacements’ Tommy Stinson and you’ve got the perfect recipe for another 97’s crowd-pleasing classic! Some of you Austinites were lucky enough to hear one of these new barn burners live last month. Anywho, read all about it from our fabulous frontman himself here.

Other acts may have mellowed with age, but as Rhett so eloquently put it, “we are not going gentle into that good night.”

We can all thank the little baby Jesus for that.


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