We had a great time with our first ever pro-am fantasy football league, and want to congratulate Wil Watkins, long-time fan from Houston, on his championship. He defeated fan Jim Fullerton from Reno in the Super Bowl 138.80 – 58.12.

The third-place finisher was Kevin Leiske of Austin, another fan entrant, who beat Rhett’s Potsie Webers 103.7 – 93.78 for the honor.

The 14-team league featured all four members of the band, numerous peers and associates, and four fan contest winners.

There’s always next year…

. . .

Fantasy Football



1. Rhett Miller
2. Robert Jenkins – Summer Break Records.
3. Jon Landman – owner, The Syndicate.
4. Keven McAlester – producer/director/writer.
5. Mike Dalke – Old 97’s tour manager.
6. Cory Worrell – fan contest winner, Houston.
7. Kevin Leiske – fan contest winner, Austin, TX.

1. Ken Bethea
2. Philip Peoples
3. Wes Kidd – Old 97’s manager.
4. Jeff Neely – Old 97’s webmaster.
5. Linnwood Regensburg, drummer for Those Darlin’s.
6. Wil Watkins – fan contest winner, Houston.
7. Jim Fullerton – fan contest winner, Reno.