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September 12, 2014

It’s been a couple of years since our last t-shirt design contest. And who can forget the last winner, Clay Billman’s excellent Bright Spark design? Well it’s that time again. We’ll be accepting designs from now till October 1, then we’ll post finalists on Facebook for feedback before the band makes their selection. “What’s in it for me?,” you ask? Let’s see:


– An invitation to the sound check before the next live show of your choice*
– 1 CD or vinyl album of your choice from the store
– The joy and satisfaction of having your shirt design printed and worn by Old 97’s fans everywhere
– 2 Tshirts featuring your design

– A complete set of the Summer 2014 Tour poster set
Scuba Poster Alien Poster Soldier Poster

To enter, just email your design to

Some entries will be shared on social media along the way, but these shares may or may not be finalists when the time comes.

Have fun!




We’re a little behind schedule but you can now vote on the finalists on Facebook. Go here:







– * Some restrictions apply. I don’t what restrictions, it depends on the venue and random acts of nature and such. But we’ll do our damnedest. Just you wait.


    • 09/30/2014
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    Would love to meet the band!! One of my favorite bands of all time!! I will bring the beer!

  1. This was really fun to create! In “real life” its a 36×36 mixed media painting on canvas! I got my idea based on a black and white professional photo of the band. Hope you pick me for the contest! The Old 97s is always on while I paint as a profession! 🙂

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