If you follow along on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, you have already seen that the band spent the last couple of weeks in the studio recording our 12th studio album. We’re working with Vance Powell, who also produced Graveyard Whistling. This time we went to Vance’s own Sputnik Sound in Nashville to record. While there we experienced the tragic tornadoes that hit Nashville and the amazing response of the community immediately after. It’s a great city and just a great group of people and we’re proud to have spent so much time there.

While in the studio we had a number of interesting folks drop by. Jason Isbell loaned Rhett a guitar. Jack White came in to talk baseball and guitars and furniture. And photographer Vivian Wang took some fantastic photos in the studio. Follow her on Instagram and check out the gallery below to get a taste of what a good time we had. We can’t wait for you to hear this one — we’re very proud of it.