Hello everybody!

I wanted to officially introduce myself. I’m Dorin. I will be the band’s new social media person. I am SO excited to be taking on this role and helping to promote our FAVORITE band!

A little bit about myself: I first met Rhett and Murry when they played in a band known as Killbilly. They were a bad-ass Dallas, Texas-based band around from 1987 to 1994. Their music was described as a mixture or bluegrass and punk. Shortly after that first meeting, Rhett came up with the song “Doreen”, unaware that I did not spell my name the traditional way (thanks Mom!) but – I did not care. What a thrill to have a song written for me! I have been a fan, a friend and fierce supporter ever since.

There is a very nice write up of me written by a good friend of the band, Marie P., if you wish to read it.


I am looking forward to keeping you all up-to-date on Old 97’s events and announcements, as well as posting entertaining stuff to keep us all in good spirits.

See you in front row!