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13 May, 2021

A Word From Our New Social Media Maven


Hello everybody! I wanted to officially introduce myself. I'm Dorin. I will be the band’s new social media person. I am SO excited to be taking on this role and helping to promote our FAVORITE band!A little bit about myself: I first met Rhett and Murry when they played in a band known as Killbilly. They were a bad-ass Dallas, Texas-based band around from 1987 to 1994. Their music was described as a mixture or bluegrass and punk. Shortly after that first meeting, Rhett came up with the song “Doreen”, unaware that I did not spell my name the traditional

A Word From Our New Social Media Maven2021-05-13T14:38:54-05:00
10 Nov, 2018

New Solo Effort By Our Frontman


Whaddup, ma Wreckers? As you may, nay, SHOULD know, yesterday was the launch of our very own songsmith's 7th, yes, SEVENTH solo album. Unbelievable how prolific Rhett is these days. Anywho, our frontman has been getting some great early press like this one from No Depression. If you haven't bought your own copy yet, here's a link to all the tracks of The Messenger courtesy of YouTube to tide you over until you get your paws on your own disc. And don't forget, the first ever Old 97's Christmas album drops next week!! And by the sounds of the first

New Solo Effort By Our Frontman2019-03-22T18:37:38-05:00
18 Mar, 2018

Doreen, Doreen. Last Night I Had An Awful Dream


Celeste, Rose Marie, that lucky creature, Annette. Have you ever wondered if there are real, corporal counterparts to the women referenced in your favorite Old 97’s songs? Well, if you’ve ever stood next to a striking, flaxen-haired, Teutonic beauty in the front row, you’ve met Doreen. THE Doreen who has a penchant for downing whiskey sours and galloping through boroughs like a thoroughbred, in song anyway. The one and only, Dorin Meet Dorin Schadel, long-time fan from the band’s infancy. Originally from Boardman, Ohio, Dorin migrated south to Dallas in 1987 when her company relocated to Plano, Texas.

Doreen, Doreen. Last Night I Had An Awful Dream2018-03-18T09:02:44-05:00
24 Aug, 2017

“Hello, Everybody!”


*tap tap tap Is this thing on? Holy Crap! Can you believe it's already mid-August?!? Where did 2017 go? I don't know about you, but no matter how far away I get from formal schooling, September alwaysalwaysALWAYS feels like the beginning of the year. So, how was everyone's winter/spring/summer vacation? Did y'all get a glimpse of the eclipse? Did you don your space glasses? Hope those in the Path of Totality (my new band name, btw) enjoyed the weirdness during the brief bout of afternoon darkness. Original founder of this website, Frank had an enviable view of the rare celestial

“Hello, Everybody!”2018-01-04T14:35:21-05:00
6 Dec, 2016

Revisiting 2016


Whaddup Wreckers? Can you believe we're at the precipice of present procurement, engrossed in the maelstrom of capitalism, and just plain old swamped in holiday prep? How could the year have careened by so quickly? While we wait patiently for the new album, Graveyard Whistling to drop some time in February, we thought it might be fun to look back at some of the high points from this year. January was all about the Mexican sun, sand and tacos of Todos Santos. The guys spent a weekend hanging out and performing with fellow rock legends Jeff Tweedy, Gary Louris and

Revisiting 20162017-04-01T16:54:17-05:00
15 Mar, 2016



Can you feel it? The unmistakable charge in the air that can mean only one thing: another Old 97's work of rock is being conceived a stone's throw from the border. That's right fellow Wreckers, our favorite foursome is hard at work siring lucky number eleven in the creative confines of Sonic Ranch Recording Studios in Tornillo, Texas. The very same studios in which 20 years prior, four talented young men, fresh off a label bidding war, full of swagger and promise, settled in to beget their seminal musical effort, Too Far To Care. We all know 2014's phenomenal Most

IT’S A LOOOOOONG WAY BACK TO EL PASO2016-03-16T10:27:04-05:00
6 Nov, 2015

Wrap Up Of 2015 Touring: Say It Isn’t So


The 97's have wrapped up their touring for 2015. I know, HOW CAN THIS BE, RIGHT??!? No New Year's Eve show?!? No Christmas run in Dallas?!? Ken has hinted there might be a small show near Tyler, but other than that, NADA until Todos Santos, Mexico in January *sigh* Commence post-tour depression. It's been a fantastic run through the midwest and east coast. I can personally attest to the epic face-melting, Rock God performances in DC, Philly and Cleveland. King of all of his World. Pre-Time Bomb jump exhuberance courtesy of Vivian Wang Long-time fan and concert photographer

Wrap Up Of 2015 Touring: Say It Isn’t So2015-11-06T14:34:52-05:00
28 Jun, 2015

Catching Up With Our Lead Singer


After lighting up the midwest on a successful short Old 97's run, Rhett continued his tour in support of his stellar MMU companion solo effort, The Traveler.   Starting briefly in his beloved Texas, the bulk of his latest run was a jaunt from Seattle to Hermosa Beach, accompanied by the lovely, angelic-voiced Annalisa Tornfelt. She joined Rhett on stage for a handful of songs from The Traveler, as well as Old 97's tunes. Her virtuosity and backing vocals brought to life the tracks from the new album, and added a new layer to old classics.   Along the way,

Catching Up With Our Lead Singer2015-06-28T18:23:42-05:00
30 Dec, 2014

2014: A Most Spectacularly Messed Up Year


As 2014 comes to a close, please indulge us as we reflect back on the incredible year that was for this band we all adore. April delivered unto the Universe a 10th album, Most Messed Up, as rowdy, raucous and youthful as the 97's stellar first effort 20 years prior. MMU is so full of life, piss and vinegar, delivered with the skill of a band of musical brothers who know EXACTLY who they are at this stage of the game, and make no excuses for it. All Old 97's albums are greeted with open arms by fans, but this

2014: A Most Spectacularly Messed Up Year2014-12-31T22:50:51-05:00
12 Jul, 2014

Most Messed UP Massive Round Up (part two-LIVE)


Greetings fellow Wreckers! Along with the copious press interviews, both the band and Rhett did a load of live performances throughout the first three legs of touring. The following are enough super sessions to keep you entertained all weekend. Get comfy, because here... we... GO!   Prior to the start of the first touring dates, Rhett stopped by People Magazine studios in New York to perform Longer Than You've Been Alive here. That same day Rhett and Murry stopped by Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger's office to sing an Olivia Newton John staple here. Several days before MMU was released, Rhett

Most Messed UP Massive Round Up (part two-LIVE)2014-07-12T14:20:45-05:00
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