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9 Jul, 2014

Most Messed UP Massive Round Up (part one-print)


Our favorite foursome just finished the third leg of their tour in support of the superb Most Messed Up in Santa Fe before a much needed break. They have been getting rave reviews from fans and publications alike. I was lucky enough to catch them back-to-back on the second leg, and I can tell you first-hand, this tour is something special!! They all are revitalized, reinvigorated and ready to rock your faces off with the energy, swagger and bravado of their 20-something selves. This tour is not to be missed! As you might imagine, they've been doing tons of press

Most Messed UP Massive Round Up (part one-print)2014-07-10T13:42:08-05:00
8 Mar, 2014

Rhett’s Performing Schedule At SXSW 2014


Hi y'all! The Old 97's aren't playing any showcases at this year's SXSW, but Rhett is stepping in to represent our favorite foursome at a number of events on Wednesday and Thursday. For any fans in Austin who've never seen him solo, shame on you! I kid, but seriously, whether he's with the band or alone on stage with his guitar, he has one performing mode and that is ALL IN! Seize this opportunity to witness his remarkable skill, talent, and showmanship. Besides, chances are very high he'll play a number of new songs from Most Messed Up. Here's a little teaser from his

Rhett’s Performing Schedule At SXSW 20142014-03-08T21:17:31-05:00
1 Nov, 2013

“We are not going gentle into that good night.”


Hi y'all! The 97's finished up recording the tracks for their upcoming new album a couple of weeks ago, and this week Rhett gives the Rolling Stone a little insight into the nature of this new effort. As Rhett tells it, he arrived in Texas armed with two distinctly different sets of songs, one adult-themed with "a lot of cursing, a lot of drinking and lots of sex", the other filled with prettier songs. After some deliberation, he reveals the band chose the raunchier, adult numbers and cranked the amps up to eleven. Sprinkle in a little guitar fire from

“We are not going gentle into that good night.”2013-11-01T14:53:40-05:00
26 Feb, 2013

The Curtain Falls On TFTC Anniversary Tour


Sadly, all good things must come to an end. And so February marked the third and final TFTC Anniversary tour which wound its way through the south, beginning at Mardi Gras in NOLA and ending on a very high note at the Blue Light Live in Lubbock, TX. I had the great fortune to see this show three times in three different cities, exhilarated by the exceptional setlist every night. My throat was sung raw, my thighs burned from dancing and my spirit soared from the first muscling chord of Time Bomb to the last lingering note of... Time Bomb.

The Curtain Falls On TFTC Anniversary Tour2013-02-26T17:19:52-05:00
13 Nov, 2012

TFTC Anniversary Tour Through A Long-Time Fan’s Eyes


The outstanding TFTC 15th Anniversary tour has ended for this year. Can it really be over already?? As a way to stem our withdrawal while we all wait patiently for the dates of the next tour, we thought it'd be fun to relive a couple of midwest shows through the eyes of long-time fan and Chicago resident, Annie Viña. Annie shares her reflections of her 15 year devotion to the 97's as well as a new-found love of Salim and company.   -Too Far To Care - The 15th Anniversary Tour - Madison & Chicago October 2012 Once upon a

TFTC Anniversary Tour Through A Long-Time Fan’s Eyes2012-11-13T17:01:33-05:00
29 Oct, 2012

One Epic Ending


Hey All! Stephanie and I had the great pleasure to attend the Old 97's TFTC show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC last Friday. It was Off. The. Charts! Crazy, full-throttle energy splayed out in front of a fully committed audience. They were having fun, y'all. I don't usually record Time Bomb at the shows because, frankly I just want to get swept up in the fervor, sing and dance with wild abandon. I can't stand still enough to hold a camera steady. And Dude, forget about keeping quiet. Impossible. But last Friday when Rhett almost knocked the mic

One Epic Ending2012-10-29T14:39:18-05:00
30 Sep, 2012

Murry’s Reflections On Too Far Too Care


  In the weeks leading up to the start of the Old 97's 15th anniversary celebration of Too Far To Care tour, Rhett shared his thoughts and memories surrounding the making of their iconic album, most of which can be read here. The band will kick off the second part of their celebration at the ACL fest in Austin on October 14. Murry was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions Stephanie and I compiled and give his insights on that special time.   1. Tell us a little bit of the background leading up to TFTC. Where/how

Murry’s Reflections On Too Far Too Care2012-10-03T03:23:51-05:00
7 Sep, 2012

Hook ‘Em Horns!


On August 25th, the word went out to Austinites to don their orange Longhorn garb and head to The Speakeasy bar for an early morning promo shoot featuring Old 97's. The capacity crowd was treated to a mini-concert and multiple takes of a Longhorn-friendly tweaked version of State of Texas. For those of you lucky enough to live within the Longhorn viewing area, you've probably seen the finished product already. For the rest of us, here ya go! [vimeo][/vimeo] You can read all about the experience via Sarah Thurmond of Austin Monthly here.

Hook ‘Em Horns!2012-09-07T12:36:24-05:00
9 Mar, 2012

And Now A Few Words From Our Tour Manager…


Last April, Stephanie and I traveled quite a bit to see Old 97's perform. As anyone who follows the band can attest, the cities, venues, and accommodations may vary greatly, but there is one comforting constant on the road: tour manager extraordinaire, Mike Dalke. We thought it would be fun to get to know a little more about the man who keeps this train from running off the rails.   1. How long have you been involved with the band? I did my first run of shows with them in Fall of 1997 during the “Too Far to Care” album

And Now A Few Words From Our Tour Manager…2012-03-09T14:25:07-05:00
1 Mar, 2012

2008 Old 97’s Flashback


I recently stumbled upon an interview and in-store performance the 97's did back in July 2008 during their Blame It On Gravity tour. Rhett and Philip sat down to chat with Joel Black of before taking the tiny store stage in Hollywood to perform their nine song set. Both the interview and performance are here. Enjoy this blast from the past. That year I had the great pleasure to see them perform under the stars at a thank-you show for WYEP in June on a warm Pittsburgh summer evening and then again in a small club in October. The

2008 Old 97’s Flashback2012-03-04T07:47:03-05:00
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